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About Us

Ajans Press was founded in 1953 under the name Bunt Clipping Compilation Company. This history, which points to the accumulation of many years, also coincides with the years of great progress in journalism. Our company, which succeeded in renewing itself in parallel with developments in the media sector, was bought by Erol Ozkan in 1975 and its name was changed to Ajans Press. In just a few years, Ajans Press has become the pioneer of the industry. Mehmet Ali Ozkan took over the management of Ajans Press in 1992. At this date, joint-stock company was founded and name registration was realized. Since 1992, the company has been providing service as Ajans Press Medya Takip Merkezi A.S.
Increasing its service diversity in 1993 with the establishment of private TV channels, Ajans Press strengthened its industry leadership through its media monitoring and media analysis innovations and reinforced its innovative character with the company’s know-how. It has become one of the leading media monitoring companies in the world with memberships of the International Federation of Media Monitoring and Analysis Companies (FIBEP), International Association of Broadcast Monitors (IABM) and International Association for the Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), the media industry's most respected international organizations. It has become a bridge between the world and our country for qualified and fast information. Continuing to grow with its technological infrastructure that can follow the whole world media, dynamic and brave perspective, Ajans Press started to report television and radio monitoring results on the internet in 1999.

Our Mission

To determine the standards of the sector with a service understanding focused on employee and customer satisfaction and deliver quality information to wider masses at the right time.

Our Vission

To be a global media monitoring company that brings its customers to the future with its experience and pioneering technology.

Our Values

  • Value of information,
  • Respect for and sensitivity to the environment,
  • Value of human and labor,
  • Quality and process oriented in products and services,
  • Open to different ideas, creative and innovative,
  • Truthful,
  • Giving importance to customer satisfaction.



    Coverage Area

    National Media Monitoring

    National Media is the biggest media that determines the agenda of 74 million people... National publications get 82% of all circulation and ratings in Turkey. National publications determine the headlines. They have the biggest slice of the pie. Your company or brand, your association or your name... If you care how you are perceived, you have to follow the national media momentarily.

    Local and Regional Media Monitoring

    In cities where your facilities, franchisees, investment areas are located, where your social responsibility projects are conducted, the perception of local media must always be within your knowledge. Because how much value you will have at the national level is proportional to your local popularity. Regional media is one step ahead of the local media... Its distribution area is wider and its effect is larger.

    International Media Monitoring

    We are monitoring the media around the world via international platforms, in which Ajans Press is a member, such as the International Federation of Media Monitoring and Analysis Companies (FIBEP) and International Association for Broadcast Manufacturers (IABM). With the membership of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC), we measure your news based on international criteria.



    Our media archive is open to our subscribers. Except for the last 30 days, our customers can search for keywords in our archive and research, read and print the news they are interested in.


    You can share the news you want to announce with a single click. With instant share options on Facebook, Twitter, all the news reported by Ajans Press can be shared with more people.


    Whether it is a TV program, radio or any conference... Any sound recordings you want to textualize can be sent to you in the shortest time possible and we can also send you their translations in case you need them.


    Your news on printed press, TV, radio, internet and social media are sent to you either together, separately, instantly or at any time during the day.


    We can transfer your Media Archive to you On-Line in electronic environment. Let's integrate your website with ours. Let’s link your "Press Room" section of your website to our system.


    We are filtering the Media Agenda. Thus, we monitor what happens in your own sector, news, innovations, events and activities and we share these with you daily to keep you informed.


    We have opened our TV archive to our customers. Only half an hour after the live broadcast, you can watch on OFFLineTV.


    We now share our giant data bank, in which the contact information of all national, local, regional media organizations and staff are constantly updated, with all of our subscribers that can enter the encrypted area of our website free of charge.


    Phone: 0 (216) 547 32 00



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